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Features of Isaaclite Edge Server
» Supports different kinds of network topologies viz. LAN Networks (Fiber, Co-axial or CAT 5), CMTS with Cable Modems based Broadband Networks, Wireless Broadband Networks and Wireless LAN Networks.
» Centralized management & control provides a higher level of service confidence and adds to ease of maintenance and configuration flexibility.
» Highly flexible Plan options based on Time (hours), Data throughput (MB’s), Days (number of days or particular days of the week), Flexi hours (Night plans, access at different time in the day etc.) and QOS (Bandwidth / Speed Control).
» Bandwidth Control (QOS) is possible for each user individually or plan based.
» QoS can be set on each IP Pool thereby allowing the ISP the flexibility to allot different QoS for different class of customers.
» Multiple service platforms: Post- Paid and Pre-paid services.
» User Level MAC Binding option.
» Option of Static or Dynamic IP allocation to customers.
» Option of Public or NAT ed IP’s to customers or a combination of both.
» Easy of taking back up and Restoration of Data.
» Extensive Report Generation for ease of Customer administration and control.
» Advanced Search enables the admin to search the complete database on the basis of User Name (Current and expired), Serial no of PIN, IP address and MAC address for any selectable Time Frame.
» Admin can change the plan of post paid users seamlessly.
» Records of all deleted users are maintained for future reference and customer re-acquisition.
» Ease of change of Isaaclite Server IP, DNS and Gateway IP remotely.
» Report showing User Logins from Multiple PC’s by tracking their log in through multiple MAC’s.
» MRTG report showing Bandwidth Consumption of the site both on the WAN and the LAN interfaces.
» Network trouble shooting utilities like Ping, Trace route, DNS lookup on the admin interface.
» Remote shutdown and restart of the server.
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