We understand that no company can offer a product to match the exact needs of a service provider. We offer services for the customization of our product as per the client's requirements in a cost-effective and quick manner. We also offer co-branding along with logo insertion for large customers.

Service providers often have very unique networks and work conditions. Given our tremendous knowledge and experience of the ISP domain we provide pre-sale support to understand the customer's network, bandwidth requirements, local loop for bandwidth and IP sub-netting so that the rollover of services takes place quickly, cost effectively and predictably.

We also offer our services to do data migration from other billing softwares to Log2space subscriber management software thus preventing duplication of work of data entry etc.
  Every purchase includes a complimentary 6 months telephonic, email and Yahoo / MSN chat support.

We also provide free updates and upgrades to any new release of that product, for a period of six months from the date of purchase. We are sincere and pride ourselves on the quality of the support we provide for our software.

We provide training to the technical staff of our customers for efficient use of the features and diagnostic tools offered by Log2space.
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