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Advanced Features of ‘Isaaclite Edge’ Server
» Based on advanced Web-based Authentication technology.
» The Client PC doesn’t have an IP on it unless it connects to the Isaaclite Server thereby enhancing the security of both the client machine and the Service Provider.
» No Client IP or DNS configuration required on Client PC as the DNS is assigned by the Isaaclite Server automatically.
» Ease of change of client DNS Server IP by a single entry at the Isaaclite Server.
» Microsoft Netbios over TCP/IP disabled thereby reducing network congestion and virus attacks.
» Automatic Back-up of Data of the Complete System including Server Configuration & Customer data using “FTP” to a designated Server anywhere on the web.
» All passwords and related transactions as well as commercially important information go on the network as well as the internet using SSL encryption thereby increasing the security of the same.
» The admin has a powerful “Helpdesk” tool which helps him to see the complete picture of the user’s status whereby the admin can view the screen shot which the user sees when he logs in. Using this single interface the admin can logout / enable / disable / delete / terminate the customer including changing his password. In short Helpdesk gives the admin 100% view and control of the subscriber in one screen shot.
» Advanced Multi Level Admin Management is possible whereby each function can be enabled or disabled for a particular admin.
» Tracking of each admin activity along with advanced search features of admin logs along with the IP from which the admin logged in.
» Record of Last Login with details of date, time and IP address (both OK & Failed Login) of Client and Admin is shown in the web interface. This is provided to check if any misuse of customer and / or admin account has taken place.
» Isaaclite is supported on all Platforms viz. Windows, Macintosh, UNIX / Linux.
» Isaaclite has a very sophisticated PIN Management module for pre-paid internet users as part of the standard software package.
» PIN MIS report gives the Service Provider flexibility to track the Inventory of PINS in the month there by giving the details of Sales Turnover from the Prepaid users.
» Option of generating PINS at a different price to enable the Service Provider to offer discounts and special festival packages etc..
» Special report to keep track of the different percentages of consumption from the allotted limits of pre-paid customers. This report helps the marketing department to identify customers whose usage limits are about to expire.
» Using the client side Web Interface the client can view session details of previously used pins as well as his current usage details.
» Log Manager showing System logs when the user logs in. The report gives details of login ok, login failed and login errors, it is important for trouble shooting User Login problems.
» VPN Support to users on public IP pool.
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