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Features of Log2desk Server
» Log2desk Server works in tandem with both Log2space Central Server as well as Log2space Stand alone Server or a combination of them.
» Feature to add User Groups. Admin can access user data according to the Group assigned by the System Administrator
» Log2desk offers different views of the software panel according to the function assigned to the administrator. There are 6 views, an Administrator View, Tech Support View, Customer Executive View, Support Engineer View, NOC View and NID View to manage the software.
» Ticket Manager for setting the Categories, Priorities and Status of Tickets.
» Admin Manager for adding Servers to Log2desk and assigning different rights to different administrators according to their functions.
» FAQ’s Manager to efficiently manage and share FAQ’s with Support staff which helps them share info with end users.
» Products Manager for adding different types of products for which log2desk may be used.
» Complaints Manager to add different types of Complaints received in our database which is used while Ticket Generation.
» Solutions Manager to add different types of Solutions in our database which is used while Ticket Closure.
» Ticket Generation possible by Customer Care Executive, Tech Support and Support Engineer.
» Integration of Mobile SMS and Email on Ticket Generation & Ticket Closure to Users and Support Engineer (configurable).
» Extensive reports of Tickets Generated, Closed and Cumulative Statistics
» Support Analysis – Ageing Analysis, Complaints Analysis & Solutions Analysis
» Email templates for setting the content of the mail
» Facility to change Password and MAC address of end customers.
» Problem Escalation – Automatically. If a problem is not solved within a time frame the ticket is transferred to a higher level for necessary action.
» Problem Escalation – Manually. If a problem is not solved the ticket can be assigned to another support engineer manually.
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